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 Stiles Stilinski

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Stiles Stilinski

Stiles Stilinski

Aantal berichten : 126

Student Sheet
Klas: Senior
Leeftijd: 19 Years
Relationship: If you like socially awkward I'm your guy

BerichtOnderwerp: Stiles Stilinski   Stiles Stilinski Icon_minitimezo jan 03, 2016 9:17 pm

I see the ocean is rising
and I keep sinking
I'm reaching out to touch you
and I can't feel at all.
Stiles Stilinski
Name: Stiles Stilinski
Full name: x Secret x
Age: 19 Years old.
School: Atlantic High
Fave class: Drama

Stiles is loud. He talks, he moves, he does his best to fill a room to the brim, and he doesn't seem to be able to stop or even pause. He has a rather extreme case of ADHD, for which he takes medication -- not always appropriately, as he tends to abuse his drugs when he needs to avoid sleep, but it does also seem to do the job of keeping him settled during his high school classes. He has trouble keeping his thoughts or attention on a single path, jumping from point to point in a way that makes sense to no one but Stiles. The general assumption most people have of Stiles is that he's a socially awkward motormouth, and his tendency to not make a whole lot of sense when explaining his leaps in logic (or just conversation) doesn't do much to counter that.

With the constant motion comes personal habits some people find unattractive. Stiles doesn't always respect personal boundaries, such as backing off when someone doesn't wish to answer some personal questions. He doesn't mean harm by this behavior, and mostly does it because he doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong with being curious or (overly) attentive. This is Stiles' main problem: he doesn't think his decisions through or consider the effects they may have on other people.

While he might not seem it at first glance, Stiles is fairly good with memory retention; that doesn't necessarily makes him smart, but it can occasionally fool people into thinking he is. He has a tendency to become enamored with a specific subject and let it take over, meaning he can spend hour after hour surfing wikipedia for information on deep sea pollution, but when forced to work on something he dislikes or finds boring he distracts himself and then is under-prepared when the information is necessary. Stiles has an incredible memory for things he thinks are interesting, and can recall them in amazing detail. He's able to write out the entire history of roman circumcision on a test and after only seeing someone make it once, he can recall the recipe for a self-igniting molotov cocktail using nothing but his chemistry lab equipment. This means his grades have an inconsistency to them, ranging from a high A to a D, depending on whatever mood he happens to be in the night before a test.

People can be even more difficult for him than academics. Stiles has a deep drive to be liked. As a teenager, he's still trying to find his feet in the real world and wants to make as many friends and experience as much as possible. Like certain subjects, Stiles can obsess over a single person to the point of embarrassing himself. Stiles has a loyal streak that goes deep and far.

Eyes: Brown
Length: 5 ft 11 or 180 cm.
Weight: 147 pounds or 66 kilogram.
Hair: Brown

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thanks <3

It's anxiety.
Thank you Sarah!
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Stiles Stilinski
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